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Number 10

Click on a name to read some interesting facts about all of The Queen’s Prime Ministers...
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Harold Macmillan Anthony Eden Winston Churchill Douglas Home Harold Wilson Edward Heath Jim Callaghan David Cameron Gordon Brown Tony Blair John Major Margaret Thatcher

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Winston Churchill
Prime Minister 1951–1955

Sir Anthony Eden
Prime Minister 1955–1957

Harold Macmillan
Prime Minister 1957–1963

Sir Alec Douglas-Home
Prime Minister 1963–1964

Harold Wilson
Prime Minister 1964–1970 & 1974–1976

Edward Heath
Prime Minister 1970–1974

James Callaghan
Prime Minister 1976–1979

Margaret Thatcher
Prime Minister 1979–1990

John Major
Prime Minister 1990–1997

Tony Blair
Prime Minister 1997–2007

Gordon Brown
Prime Minister 2007–2010

David Cameron
Prime Minister from 2010